Metal Components for the
Glazing Industry

Our Grant Metal Products team is highly knowledgeable about bend allowances, size limitations, and the use of special dies. For example, protective covers are used to ensure that dies do not damage pre-finished surfaces. We are known within the glass industry for quick turnaround due to our extensive inventory of raw metal.
If we don’t have what is needed for your project, we can quickly get it.

Shears and Presses, 12-14 ft. long | Automated E Bender | Automated Shear Genius
Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Because anodized aluminum is a material that is vital to most commercial glass installations, Grant Metal Products carries the widest selection of anodized aluminum finishes in this market. We take extra precautions to maintain the integrity and quality of the material.

Fascia Panels

We custom manufacture fascia panels in a wide range of colours to meet your specifications.

Spandrel Panels

We provide design, CAD drawings, product testing, finishing, fabricating, of a variety of spandrel panels for curtain wall systems.

Back Pans

Grant Metal Products produces thousands of insulated back pans. They may be manufactured with holes, notches or cut-outs and vary in length, material, and finish. Accuracy and overall quality is paramount.

Architectural Panels

We custom manufacture a wide range of quality architectural panels that are both functional and attractive. We offer a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from.

Brake Shapes

We precision cut brake shapes to exact specifications. We carefully monitor the fabrication process to maintain high quality standards.

Laminated Panels

Laminated panels are commonly used as infill sections when manufacturing curtainwalls and storefronts. Metal is laminated to both sides of a rigid core like plywood or foam. Almost any metal finish can be used and the panel thickness adjusted for unique applications.

Base/Anchor Angles

We fabricate base/anchor angles in a variety of materials and of varying thicknesses.

Stiffeners for Vinyl Windows

Grant Metal fabricates channels, angles and special shapes to fit precisely into vinyl extrusions. Increased strength allows for larger windows.