Grant Metal Products

Grant Metal Products is driven by custom manufacturing metal components. Each gallery provides a small sample of the unique products we have manufactured. We also showcase some of the landmark buildings our products have been used in.
For more examples of what we can do, check out our videos.


Westjet, Calgary, AB


Grant Metal Products Project - Air Traffic Control Tower, Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton Air Traffic Control Tower

FedEx World Services Centre

FedEx World Services Centre

Bankers Hall, Calgary - Project of Grant Metal Products

Bankers Hall, Calgary

Custom Metal Fabrication by Grant Metal Products

Metal Mapleleaf (Anodized)

Metal Cornice for National Music Bldg. - Grant Metal Products

Metal Cornice, National Music Centre, Calgary

South Campus Hospital, Calgary

South Campus Hospital

Metal frame and post

Metal Frame & Post

Variety of Sign Blanks available at Grant Metal Products

Wide Variety of Sign Blanks

Public Library

Office Signs

Custom Perforated Metal

Custom Metal Products

Gulf Canada Square Calgary

Gulf Canada Square

CPR +15 Walkway

Free standing Sign

Free Standing Sign

Frame Box

Custom Metal Frame + Box

Custom Metal Fabrication - Grant Metal Products

Custom Metal Fabrication

Building Signage

Custom Cladding by Grant Metal Products

Custom Cladding